ESA pays a lot of attention to the company culture and environment created by its employees. We prefer honesty, responsibility and willingness to improve. The employees and ESA are partners and one cannot work without the other.

Our employees continuously develop through subsequent internal training with the aim to increase their skills and knowledge in the given field.

General values of the company culture:

  • Speak openly and keep your word
  • Bring ideas, improve and innovate. Errors in the search for new procedures are tolerated.
  • Cooperate with your colleagues.
  • Your workplace is your business card.
  • You represent the Company by all your actions. ESA is what you are!

Final tips from ESA employees:

Remember the basic rule of performance. Performance is influenced by three things: desire, knowledge – skills and working conditions. Desire is the most important. If you want to do something and you do not know how, you can learn it. If you want to do something and you do not have the right conditions, you can negotiate them. If you have the right conditions and knowledge but not desire, you have a problem.

We wish all the potential job applicants in ESA s.r.o. to have a desire to achieve something, to hold their ground in case of troubles and to look for solutions and cooperation.

Free phone line: 800 266 660


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