Environmental Policy

ESA employees takes responsibility for the protection of the environment.
Our actions:
  • 80% of ESA fleet meets the standard EURO 5 and higher (30% Euro6)
  • we decrease the number of empty km (SAT-NAV)
  • we improve the skills of our drivers = we decrease fuel consumption
  • we use large-capacity XXL and 30-ton vehicles to decrease ecological load
  • we have been using vehicles with CNG since 2010
  • we use LED lighting for warehouse spaces - saving electricity
  • we consistently sort waste for recycling
The ESA Company Management is aware of its responsibility for the protection of the environment when running business activities. Therefore, the Company has accepted the following environmental policy principles:
  • To observe legal and other requirements for the protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources and provision of safe working environment,
  • To maintain, develop and continuously improve the environmental management system introduced in compliance with CSN EN ISO 14001 and documented in the Integrated Management System Handbook (IMS) and related organizational directives,
  • To decide upon investment plans and their implementation with regard to the environment,
  • To manage and teach employees to behave responsibly in relation to the environment and to achieve their full understanding, support and promotion of the Company’s environmental policy,
  • To create terms and conditions for environmental behaviour of our employees,
  • To manage the operation, vehicle service and goods storage so that the impact on the environment is under control and as small as possible,
  • To forestall the occurrence of emergency situations that could have a negative impact on the environment by preventing risks and pollution,
  • To carry out the duly planned preventive maintenance and to minimize the negative environmental impacts related to the operation of vehicles, machinery and equipment,
  • To define environmental objectives to fulfil this policy on annual basis – to check the fulfilment of the defined target values within the regular annual verification of the integrated management system,
  • To inform all employees of this policy and to communicate the policy to the public in a suitable way,
  • To demand compliance with this environmental policy from contractual partners.
  • Motivation of employees to save resources – water, electric energy, paper print,
  • Waste separation at all workplaces is an obligation.


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