Policy of the Company

The ESA Company, together with all the responsible people on this planet, is aware of the need to protect the environment. There are many reasons for that. Primarily, ESA, just like you, wants to preserve nature and its resources for our children and future generations, at least in the condition as we know it today. ESA as well as majority of renowned global and Czech companies puts emphasis on the environmental aspects of its activities. Companies can extend their liability to protect the environment also to their logistics supplier and decrease the negative impacts on the environment through mutual cooperation.

Therefore, ESA has met the terms and conditions for the ISO 14001 certificate qualification and has defined its own environmental principles and objectives.

There are three basic pillars of the environment policy that ESA pursues:

  • Prevention from climate changes
  • Renewability of resources
  • Protection of ecosystems

ESA has defined specific procedures and objectives for its activity and behaviour. These include:

Prevention from climate changes

  • Reduction of air pollution caused by traffic by decreasing CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of CO, CH + NOx + PM emissions caused by traffic

Renewability of resource

  • Increasing the quality of waste sorting and recycling
  • Implementation of reverse logistics
  • Conversion of some of the distribution vehicles to CNG combustion/complete vegetable oil fuels
  • Cooperation with the fuel supplier in testing new additives decreasing fuel consumption, exhaust fumes and thus CO2 production


  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Participation in the restoration of greenery and sponsoring small fauna in the regions where the Company operates

Other activities related to the environmental protection

  • Using EDI communication and electronic invoicing with partners
  • Road haulage combined with other means of transport
  • Implementation of optimization projects in the field of technological operation of orders with reduced consumption of resources (electric power, fuels)

ESA is prepared to conclude a contract on enhancement of the joint and synergic environmental behaviour with customers who are interested in the protection of the environment and in the objectives defined. The Danone Company is an example of such cooperation.

We also attend to other important issues, such as work safety, supplier relations and so on.




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