Hitachi Group

Corporate Credo

The basic credo of Hitachi is to further elevate its founding concepts of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit, to instil a resolute pride in being a member of Hitachi, and thereby to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.
Deeply aware that a business enterprise is itself a member of society, Hitachi is also resolved to strive as a good citizen of the community towards the realization of a truly prosperous society and, to this end, to conduct its corporate activities in a fair and open manner, promote harmony with the natural environment, and engage vigorously in activities that contribute to social progress.

Hitachi Group Vision

We will contribute to the solution of fundamental global issues and pursue the realization of a better, more prosperous global society in line with Hitachi’s founding spirit, utilizing the group’s knowledge and technology.

Hitachi Group Social Responsibility Policy

1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  The Hitachi Group, including all its executives and employees, recognizes CSR as a vital part of corporate activity and is therefore committed to a course of social responsibility in accordance with this CSR policy for the sustainable development of society and business.
2. Contribution to Society through Our Business
  The Hitachi Group will contribute to the building of a prosperous and vibrant society by providing safe, high-quality products and services through business activities based on its excellent research, technology and product development.
3.  Disclosure of Information and Stakeholder Engagement
  The Hitachi Group will disclose information openly and transparently in order to maintain and develop a relationship of trust with its various stakeholders, and act responsibly towards them through various means of communication.
4.  Corporate Ethics and Human Rights
  The Hitachi Group will undertake its business based on the principles of fairness and sincerity, act with the utmost respect for human rights and pursue a high sense of corporate ethics in the global business market which encompasses diverse cultures, morals, ethics, and legal systems.
5.  Environmental Conservation
  The Hitachi Group will strive to minimize environmental effects and utilize resources towards the development of a sustainable society that is in harmony with the environment.
6. Corporate Citizenship Activities
  The Hitachi Group will promote social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen in order to realize a better society.
7.  Working Environment
  The Hitachi Group will make every effort to create a pleasant and motivating working environment for all its employees and to fully support those employees who desire self-fulfilment and self-development through their work.
8.  Responsible Partnership with Business Partners
  The Hitachi Group will make every effort to promote fair and sound business practices among our business partners by fostering a common awareness of social responsibility.

What does “Inspire the Next” mean?

“Society changes. Hitachi transforms it.”

Our vision is to create richer lives and a better society by providing products, systems and services with a new level of value and potential based on the latest advances in technology, especially knowledge and information technologies.

Our mission is to identify the real needs of society and our customers and to set and achieve goals that surpass those needs. We develop and apply new technology without being bound by traditional thinking. We focus our efforts on the field of communication technology and services. We are determined to launch into new areas of business. The corporate goal is to balance the environmental protection with economic growth.

We support and build values thanks to which customers and the public trust our company and that make our company fully accountable for its actions. We offer a wide range of complex systems using our knowledge and technology to meet specific needs. Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive system solutions that will work for the general public and society in the long term.

Hitachi wants to be the catalyser of the changing society. Hitachi changes with the society.

About “Inspiration”

The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin verb “spirae” meaning to breathe. In addition to meaning “to inhale” and “to inspirit”, it also has other meanings related to life, such as “uplift” or “bolster”.


The phrase is deliberately open-ended – and acts as an invitation to you to fill in the last word: era, society, idea, product, system, solution or something else entirely. In itself, the phrase is a source of inspiration.

One of the primary goals of our statement is to get others to participate in its creation.

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