Green 3PL

Logistics as well as many other industrial branches is continuously improving and developing with the aim to provide customers with services that correspond precisely with their needs. The offer of the scope and complexity of logistic services grows in relation to the customers’ demands and requirements. The ESA Company is one of the prominent providers of logistics and it continuously develops new logistic processes and solutions with the aim of optimal and reliable fulfilment of the present and future market demands.

GREEN 3PL, a full logistic service, is one of the new products that ESA provides. Its objective is to meet the customer’s requirement for a complete provision of logistic operations and to guarantee a reliable fulfilment of all the customer’s needs in this area with the utmost level of consideration for the environment.

GREEN 3PL is based on the 3PL product solution /Third-Party Logistics/. It is a sophisticated logistic system based on trust, cooperation and very close relationships with the client. It is formed by the following basic logistic elements:

  • Provision of the material flow of goods from the supplier through inventory control to the delivery of goods to end customers.
  • Information flow connected with the material flow with the accent on direct online traceability.
  • Optimization of an integrated supplier-consumer chain by one partner with the use of synergies of the portfolio of provided services.
  • Partnership with one supplier of logistics enabling a joint growth of orders.

GREEN 3PL has another important aspect in addition to its logistic content: it is expressed by the word GREEN in its name. ESA is the holder of the ISO 14001 certificate and moreover, it has defined its environmental protection policy and thus it guarantees that all operations related to the provisions of the GREEN 3PL service are always executed with respect to the ideal ecological solutions. The concept of these solutions prevents increasing the price of the service and the environmental objectives are achieved by thorough enforcement of the established rules: particularly by the conviction and discipline of employees and by system and process innovations.

GREEN 3PL brings a fundamental advantage to the user: you can entirely focus on your key production or business process as ESA takes care of the logistic activity including the optimization and application of new technologies and know-how. Moreover, all the clients of the ESA Company now know that the environmental behaviour is one of ESA’s priorities.



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