Charitable Fund

It is much more beautiful to give than to get, especially when You give to those who really need Your interest and help.

What is the Charitable Fund of ESA employees?

The Charitable Fund was founded by a group of ESA employees who decided to regularly collect contributions from their salary to provide assistance to people in need. It unites people who care about others and who want to help people in need. Today, the Charitable Fund has a lot of members who contribute regularly. The Company also makes contributions to the Fund: it matches the total contributions of the Fund members.

What are the ambitions of the Charitable Fund?

We want to be close to those who need help, to provide assistance that the public institutions “neglect”, to make life as easy as possible for those whose life is not easy at all.
We are convinced that even an insignificant amount of money can help a lot to those in need when collected from many people.

Who has the Charitable Fund already helped?



6.12.2017 Representatives of ESA Employee Charity Fund prepared as usual presents for handicapped children. Child psychologists suggested boys and girls whose life situation has been made more difficult by economic status of the family. These children will find only few presents under the Christmas tree apart from ESA's presents. Mgr. Teimerová and Mgr. Šulcová, who took over the presents on behalf of these children, described to us the fate of every child in detail. During telling these stories, some of us shed a tear. We are proud that there are ESA employees among us who are not indifferent to the fates of other people. To them is dedicated a simple word Thank You, which has, however, completely extraordinary meaning.
 Example of one life story: Adélka with Lucy are deaf and mute and they live only with their mother who unfortunately has the same disability. Their big Christmas wish was a plushy tiger. Maybe they haven't expected such a big one, however, we hope that they will be really happy. We wish them and you a Merry Christmas on behalf of ESA Employee Charity Fund.


Tomášov summer camp thanks for the sponsorship of Mr. Roman Pekrt and the company ESA logistics:



Matyášek Řepa was born on 07.10.2016 in Kladno as a completely healthy baby weighing 3648 g and measuring 50 cm. Absolutely nothing suggested that his health would become a struggle for life. Unfortunately after two days his condition started to worsen and Matyášek was diagnosed with heart disease. First surgery took place in 5 days, i.e. on 12.10. 2016. Continued many complications and 4 other surgeries during which his lungs failed and Matyáš had to be connected 40 days to resuscitator. Matyášek made his struggle for life successful and even though he won´t be 100% healthy and there are many surgeries before him, everybody is happy and grateful for his smiles which he distributes every day.


Presents under the tree for handicapped children – Every child wishes beautiful Christmas holidays and many gifts under the tree especially handicapped children deserve to find under the tree presents which make them smile at least for a moment. Charitable Fund bought Christmas presents in the amount of 9,176 CZK.

 Truck HELP foundation – we provided a gift in the amount of 50,000 CZK. . 





 Let´s take a look at whom we helped at least a bit to lighten their difficult life situation in 2015 …

Šimon Plachý – contribution for the son of Tomáš Plachý, who passed away in the course of his work, was 3,500 CZK every month in 2015. ESA also contributed every month in 2013 and 2014 with 3,500 CZK. After positive reactions of Charity Fund members, the contribution continues in 2016 as well.

Kačenka Podrázská – Kačenka was born as a healthy child. Only later was discovered psychical and locomotive delay in her development. ESA contributed with one-off amount of 5,000 CZK for support during rehabilitation called LIMTERAPY which Kačenka will be able to undergo.

Sun for Everybody – ESA Charity Fund regularly contributes every year to the foundation Sun for Everybody which takes case about children and adults with special needs. ESA contributed with one-off amount of 4,000 CZK.

Truck Help Foundation – supports families which lost a father – professional drivers in the course of work. Our contribution was used for purchasing summer holiday stay in Italy for mothers with their children. ESA contributed with the amount of 20,000 CZK.


Zosia needed our help ... Zosia Kwaśniak is a daughter of ESA warehouse worker in Polish Ostrolece. She was born as a premature infant in February 2015 as one of twins, unfortunately neither Zosia nor her brother Antos were able to breather alone. Her brother had more luck and so he was taken to homecare. Zosia had to stay in hospital for a lot of months; she was very unlucky and was infected after there appeared many problems with lungs. She went through pneumonia six times, she had to get several blood transfusions, further there were neurological problems. Despite these difficulties, Zosia is very brave and thanks to the fact that her breathing is supported by special equipment, she is able to stay at home with her family. We consider it a miracle that we were able to assemble money for needed equipment and that she is able to be at home with her family because there is not such a place like home.


In 2014 we also decided to support Truck HELP foundation at sports, culture, interest and recreational activity of children whose parent/s have passed away during traffic accident in the course of their work. … this time 10,000 CZK.


Ms Marie Pilná asked ESA Charity Fund in 2013 whether we could help her financially with payment for injections which are necessary for her badly hurt sight. ESA paid 3 injections for Ms Pilná in the amount of 4,200 CZK.


In 2012 ESA started to support Truck HELP  foundation which supports families, and especially children, whose parent passed away in the course of their work as a professional truck or bus driver. This year we contributed 12,000 CZK.

Mr. Vít Váňa desperately needed to purchase a mechanical wheelchair in summer 2012 and therefore ESA provided a contribution in the amount of 7,500 CZK.
Special primary school turned in autumn 2012 to ESA Charity Fund with a wish of a magnetic construction set and platform for a ceramic workshop in the amount of 14,963 CZK. This set would help pupils in their studies very much. Thanks to the members of Charity Fund we were able to fulfil this wish.
It has been more than 4 years since the end of 2012 when a tragic traffic accident happened. During this accident, our colleague Tomáš Plachý passed away in the course of his work. Immediately after this tragedy, ESA decided to support his small baby son Simon with a regular monthly amount of 3,500 CZK. Today, Simon is almost 5 years old. We keep our fingers crossed for Simon and we will continue to support him. In December 2014 we obtained a letter from Tomáš Plachý´s parents and Simon´s mother, Ms Beranová, with expressed thanks for the support and help in this very hard life situation.


 In 2011 ESA contributed 76,000 CZK.
ESA contributed to Simon who is disabled and must use a wheelchair 10,000 CZK for special rehabilitation /our contribution was only a part of needed 50,000 CZK/.
ESA also contributed both to Péťa and to Adélka 11,000 CZK for special wireless headsets for persons suffering from hearing disability. 
We contributed 31,000 CZK for special social vehicle.
ESA contributed 13,000 CZK to primary and grammar school Slunce ze Stochova for the purchase of sitting bags – equipment for disabled pupils.

Thanks from Peter´s family:
Dear General Manager,
we would like to thank You for the contribution in the amount of 11,000 CZK which Your charity provided to our son Peter.
The gift will be used for the purchase of compensation equipment of wireless radio system FM SCOLA which will enable our son much better chance during his studies.
We appreciate Your help a lot.


In November 2010, the CHF committee decided to help Jaroslav Vrúbal who sustained a severe injury in 2006 that left him paralysed. He cannot stand up. He is paralysed up to his chest, including his fingers. He cannot hold a spoon and he needs help in order to go to the bathroom or toilet. We provided a folding metal construction to Jaroslav which he uses to get in the car.

On 10 December 2010, we handed Christmas presents for handicapped children over to Mrs. Teimerová at our headquarters. We made all the children’s dreams come true.
It was very emotional for all of us as every one of us had a present to give and Mrs. Teimerová told us about the children who were going to get the presents and their handicaps. The Christmas was very beautiful.
Petr (13): a camera
Jan (5): a Lego city
Lucinka (8): a scooter (serious hearing defect)
David (12): a digital photo frame (Down syndrome)
Adélka (2.5): a play kitchen and Lego (serious hearing defect)
Zdeněk (14): a game - Czech Republic, Europe, World (autistic)
Eva (9): a mobile phone for visually handicapped
Veronika (12): a mobile phone for visually handicapped


On 18 January 2009, someone stole CZK 10,000 from us. The money was to be used for buying coal, food and drugs for Marek Kryžan. We reported the theft to the police, who are still working on the case. We were left without any resources and your contribution for buying coal helped us a lot. We would like to thank you for understanding and helping us in this difficult situation.
Thank you, Jana Jirásková (home nurse)

In April 2009, we bought an adjustable chair for Vašek Laun (3.5). Vašík suffers from neurofibromatosis and delayed psychomotor development. He is a very lively boy with low concentration. To do something, he either has to have a very strong motivation or his mobility has to be slightly limited to decrease the effect of his own motoric impulses that disturb him. One of the auxiliary measures is fixation at a desk in the Z-chair. With regard to the fact that the purchase of this special aid was financially demanding for the family, the Fund committee approved the purchase of the chair.

In November 2009, we provided an insulin pen with needles to Románek Mašek (10) who was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, type 1 in May 2009. Románek was immediately hospitalized at a children’s hospital. A team of doctors and nurses took care of him for a whole month and taught him how to live with this illness. At present, Románek has to apply insulin 5 times a day and one of the applications is done when he is at school. The health insurance company limits one needle for 10 applications but the needle dulls and bends after 4 to 6 applications, which makes the insulin application painful and very unpleasant.

In December 2009, we bought the Trion electronic air cleaning device for Kačka (17) who has been seriously ill for more than two years now. Kačka suffers from Wegner’s granulomatosis that affects the blood vessels of kidneys, lungs as well as skin and joints. The treatment is very complicated and Kačka has to regularly visit the hospital where they strengthen her immunity system weakened by the treatment. Thanks to Trion, Kačka is protected from dust, mites and moulds at least at home.


In October 2008, we paid for a residential treatment for Elizabeth (5.5) who was born with spina bifida (a split spine). As a result, she often suffers from urinary bladder inflammation that can be dangerous for her and she has to be treated under full medical supervision. Elinka has 3 siblings and the financial situation in the family is not easy and so the ESA Fund decided to pay for the costs of a residential treatment.


 In February 2007, we bought a special chair for ten-year-old Anetka Kopecká. Anetka suffers from psychomotor retardation, DMO. DMO means a permanent disorder of mobility and posture and when the child suffers from a more serious form of DMO, his or her position has to be secured using special stands, chairs and positioning sacks. The health insurance company rejected the request for purchasing a special chair and thus our Fund decided to help Anetka.
At the beginning of May 2007, we bought a special wheelchair for eight-year-old Radek Hlíza who has a serious psychomotor retardation, DMO. Thanks to the wheelchair, Radek can go outside every day, regularly visit the specialized Korálek school in Kladno and access other activities that help him.
Our Charitable Fund will continue to closely cooperate with the Korálek school as there are many other children who suffer from a similar disorder as Radek and we want to help them.


In 2006, we started helping the Štěpánek family with their daughter Petruška. Petruška was vaccinated against the whooping cough when she was six months old and the vaccination caused a serious brain dysfunction. Today, Petruška is 10 years old and she is seriously mentally and physically handicapped. Petruška requires all-day care. Until recently, a nurse from a home care agency came every day to help the family. However, the government introduced some changes related to the health care situation in January and as a result health insurance companies cut down the allowance used by paediatricians for home care. The nurse now only comes for one hour on workdays, which is not enough. The Charitable Fund has decided to contribute to the nurse visits until the insurance company starts paying the allowance again.

In March 2006, we purchased a tea trolley for Verunka who was seriously injured in a car accident when she was 18. As a result, Verunka was in a coma for one year. When she came around, there were some other complications that lasted almost for another year and prevented her from recovery. She underwent a rehabilitative treatment in Kladruby but she still cannot walk and her overall mobility is not quite in order yet. She is dependent on other people. Verunka needs a tea trolley with an adjustable board for her everyday life. The health insurance company does not cover such aids. We are very happy that we could help Verunka at least a little in her harsh life.


Thanks to the member contributions, CHF decided in May 2005 to help provide a personal assistance to Renata who is paralysed. Renata has been quadriplegic since her childhood and she cannot do without a personal assitant. Public institutions have only one solution for her – institutional care. Thanks to CHF, Renata can live “almost” independently in her own flat with the help of the personal assistant.
In September 2005, we purchased a wheelchair for Jirka who lives at a social care institute in Štenberk. Jirka is seriously mentally and physically handicapped. He can now enjoy the outdoors thanks to the wheelchair, which was unthinkable before.

In December 2005, we sent Mrs. Pekárková and her 4-year-old daughter suffering from poliomyelitis (she cannot speak and move) to Ostrava to undergo the Bobath therapy that helps improve mobility. The health insurance pays for the therapy but Mrs. Pekárková could not afford to travel to Ostrava and pay for their stay. Thanks to the Fund, Mrs. Pekárková learned how to use this therapy to help her quadriplegic daughter.

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